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Towards a functional continuum operating system

Welcome to the ICOS Meta OS Documentation Website

This is the page of the ICOS Meta OS 's documentation like architecture, main functionalities, how to use, configure ICOS Meta OS and running applications.


  • 🔨 Administration

    Learn on how to create and manage an ICOS System.

  • 💻 Developer

    Learn on how use and configure in details single ICOS components and how to programmatically integrate and/or extend them.

    It includes a reference for all commands and APIs exposed by ICOS.

  • 👥 User

    Learn on how to use ICOS Meta OS for running applications.


  • 📝 Concepts

    A theoretical introduction to the ICOS Meta OS introducing the architecture, the main functionalities and the main components.

  • 📚 Glossary

    Learn the main words using in ICOS Meta OS.